Sibling Sexual Abuse

Sibling sexual abuse is one of the most closely guarded
secrets in the area of family violence. No one wants to
believe that brothers and sisters are capable of abusing
one another. They want to explain away the abuse as
normal childhood curiosity .But it’s not .It is a violent
form of control that leaves victims feeling frightened
and alone .Unfortunately, sexual abuse among siblings
Is much more common than most people know. Its also
not limited to certain types of families. It occurs in many
different kinds of households. Sexual abuse among
siblings can go on for a long time before parents are
made aware of the issue. And sadly ,many parents don’t
take appropriate action when they do find about it.
Sibling sexual abuse is hidden and greatly
underreported to authorities. Abused siblings often
don’t disclose being abused because they are afraid of
the harmful act of not being believed and also they are
afraid of upsetting their parents. They also may be
confused and worried that they are to blame.
This is a story of a girl neela. As her mom was
businesswomen of kidskutir and her dad used to
support her mom in business. Due to her busy schedule
she couldn’t take care of her daughter and son. So she
used to send her both kids at neighbour house for
studying purpose. Once neighbour was not there and
they went to native place .So neela brother sexually
abused her by putting pillow on her face and told neela
that if she will tell to mom ,mom will kick her from
home. She was bleeding so her brother told to wash it off .She did like that wat her brother said her , Due to
scare of her mother ,she didnt said .As neela was in 5th
Std and her brother was in 10th .There was a difference
of 5 years between brother and sister. Neela was just 10
years old .She was not aware about sexual knowledge,
What is abuse ,what is sex .So she kept quiet for 10
years .But After her abuse ,she was dull ,mentally ill.
She had lost her concentration, confidence on studies.
As she was good grade student. But after this incident
her grade became less. Once when neela became adult
,at the age of 19 when she came to know about sex
education .she told everything to her mom .But instead
of listening her ,she denied and said my son is not like
that. Neela mom said if that happened in 5th std Why
you are confessing now .You are spoiling my sons name
.Neela said your son said me if I wuld say to you, you
will kick me from home that’s y didn’t said. Till few
years neela mom never understood her instead of
supporting neela .She us2d to support her son .Neela
was lonely at that time.After certain year neela mother
came to know about her son’s habit .He was sick .He
used to visit prostitutes and even he spoiled many girls
life. Neela mom came to know about her son behaviour,
how he became like that. Than neela mom realized
,neela was right .How can a girl lie about her sexual
abuse. Neela mom was in guilt .instead of putting him
to jail ,she said to neela dont disclose the matter to
anyone ,in future to your husband also, it will affect
your relationship with your husband. Not only with
neela ,her brother had abused her cousin sister too .At
that time cousin sister was 20 and neela brother was 26
.When this happen to neela cousin sister (juee) she told to neela about this incident and said dont say to my
mother ,your mother ,or else just because of this
incident it will spoil our mom relationship. As they were
real sister that’s why .But neela said to her own mother
about this incident. Neela mom was again ashamed of
his son .But neela mom used to love his son. She used
to forgive all her son mistake everytime. This used to
hurt neela lot.After saying about his son also ,she used
to support his son in business, as if he wl support her in
her old age and take care of her. Neela was lonely .
Either there was a reason behind this dont know .As a
girl this matter will spoil neela and Juee life or else iit
will spoil name of the family, that’s y neela mom might
be quiet.
But karma never forgive anyone ,whatever he did,
karma has given big slap on his face and taking
fame,money ,health,wife ,son .As he was sick those who
were close to him.came to know about his sickness .
Conclusion – Parents need to be aware of sibling abuse.
Educate yourself
About the risk factors of sibling sexual abuse and take
appropriate steps to prevent inappropriate sexual
contact. Although it is difficult for parents to wrap their
heads around the fact that one of their children could
be abusing the other, this situation is not something
that should never be ignored. Sexual abuse is a crime.
Both the victim and the perpetrator need your attention
.Perpetrators need to be beheld accountable for their
actions, and they also need treatment to ensure that
they do not harm anyother children .Parents should not have sex when they sleep with kids at night time
. This will affect kids mental state.
-Pallavi Jeethan
Mumbai (Maharashtra)

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