A better end..

And when the prevailing darkness consumed her pure and enlightened soul,
She got lost in that never ending path of pain,
Which lead to the destruction of her own life.
The moment she set foot on that path,
She knew,she knew she’d encounter immense pain.
But yet she continued to walk, to suffer and commenced her journey forward.
Hoping for things to get better,
Unaware of the fact of what lies ahead.
She dreamt of light, craved for happiness.
Consumed by the dark, she wished for rescue,
but the path she chose,
the darkness she opted,
destined her towards destruction.
An end she had never imagined,
and the time came when she reached the end.
End of her patience and endurance.
she broke, she shattered, she scattered
into million pieces
with each piece still smiling and hoping for a better end.!

-Mehek Agarwal

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Shiveshwaar Pandey

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