The Cycle Of Life- The Fall

The yellow road often takes me towards the distant wood
Dropping leaves from the plants signal us about the rebirth
The forest is filled with the hues of golden brown
Decaying and again reviving shape our civilization!

The azure sky with the smiling moon steals my sleep
Again, and again, I peep from my cottage
To capture the star-studded theatre of my dream
Streams with crystal-clear liquid flow from the heaven
I can’t wait to behold the charisma of a full-moon evening
Like a magician, the divine being has painted the season of Autumn
With bare branches, trees await to dress with green expressions
By filling the entire season with the advent of glorious celebration
We eagerly continue to multiply the system of production
A season of great lesson
A cycle of life
Here we see the collapse of a civilization
To behold the beginning of a new generation!!!
-Sudipta Mishra

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Shiveshwaar Pandey

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